Pattern Giveaway and a SNAKE!

5/29/2012 04:41:00 AM

First, a little anecdote from today:
Today my son, Jace, went to the Australia Zoo for his grade 1 field trip.  The zoo is only about 15 minutes from our house and we've been lucky to go a few times while living in Australia, but today was pretty special to him, because he got to see it with all of his little school friends.  
When asked what his favorite part of the day was, he said "I saw leopards!  And Crocs!  But the best part was a huge snake that could eat a WHOLE KID!"  "Really?" I said, "a whole kid?"  "Yup, not half a kid, but a WHOLE kid."   I see that learning about halves and whole items in math class is sinking in, good to know.  Anyway, I checked the website and found out about the new Albino Burmese Python.... and at 14feet long and 45kg, yes I think it could indeed eat a whole kid!  I'm not partial to snakes, but look at that color!

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On to the pattern giveaway!    
When I released my last two patterns, I held a pattern giveaway on Facebook right when I listed my bag in the shop.  Well, I listed my Steph In The City bag two days ago, and didn't post a pattern giveaway.  I don't know what I was thinking.  So I posted one this morning over on my Facebook page.   If you haven't commented on the post yet, get over there!  If you have already purchased the Steph pattern, no worries, I will refund the money for your pattern purchase if you are one of the THREE winners.  The winners will be picked using the random generator at on Thursday at 10:00 am, EST Australia.  Hmm... roughly 38 hrs from now.  I'm getting a great response from this pattern, and I do think it's my best one yet. I'd love to hear what you think!

The Step In The City Bag tried and tested at Zaaberry:

Photo Courtesy of Zaaberry
This is Ruby from Zaaberry's Steph In The City Bag.  Doesn't it just scream out "hot Summer stroll on the beach boardwalk" to you?  Well, it might also whisper "shopping at the morning market" too.

Ruby, along with Roselee from Jane of all Trades, was kind enough to trial and test my sewing pattern and extreme short notice.  They provided me with some suggestions on how to tweak my pattern and I'm extremely grateful.  There are plenty of other pictures of this bag, inside and out, on Ruby's blog, and while you are there - please have a look at her tutorials.  You might remember Ruby from last week, she hosted an Emmaline Pattern giveaway on her blog and it received a lot of interest.  Thank you, Ruby - you are a gem!  OH I REALLY, HONESTLY DIDN'T PLAN THAT!  

Thank you, for stopping by...

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  1. Hi Janelle, I don't know about wholes & halves...but that snake IS a snake & a half! :D The skin would make an interesting inspiration for a fabric print though. Loving the Steph too, S x

    1. You are just like me, Sara.... lately I am thinking of everything through the eyes of a someday fabric designer! It's a beautiful color, for sure but I'm glad it's not wrapped around me - Terri Irwin can have it! Thank you for the compliment on the Steph! Janelle

  2. I love the new bag pattern Janelle! That belted part is so cute. Im hoping to get to the Emmaline bag this week asI want a clolorful summer bag. I went to a blog convention last month and was told Facebook will shut down your page for having giveaways on it. Just wanted to let you know aboutthat. You may want to google it.

  3. Hi Janelle love the picture of you son with the snake. The boys went to a Birthday on the weekend for a 3 year girl who loves snakes. She sat down on the ground and the wrapped the Python around her legs and over her shoulder she had a huge smile when they did that.

    Loved your interview that you did, very professional. I will take your advise about the Old Hags I have met a few.


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