Bag of the Month Club 2016 - Progress Update

2/25/2016 08:45:00 AM

The 2016 Bag of the Month Club (BOMC) is 2 months in, there are 2 patterns out to the members and over 100 bags linked up in the competition already, so I think it's a good time to do a bit of a progress update for members or anyone that just wants to have a look at some amazing bag photos!

First of all, if you are not familiar with the Bag of the Month Club, I've got a little video here for you to have a peek at. I spent way too much time making this video yesterday, but it was fun.

If you are having trouble viewing that video on this post, you can also see it on youtube HERE.

We've been continuing to develop the website as the we dip into the new year, tweaking it every chance we get. Samantha Hussey and her husband have done an exceptional job with it. I have to say that I love that website!

Let's check out the patterns already released:

Our January Bag was the Backgammon Bag by Betz White. It's a fun hobo with cute pieced detail on the pocket fronts that look like.. ta da… backgammon!  Here's Betz's bag and the LINK to her post with more details on the bag.

And… check out the competition entries. These are just a few of the bags entered so far.  OH… and it's not too late - you have until JULY 15 to enter all of your bags in the contest!

The February Bag is The Window Shopper Tote by Samantha Hussey of Sewing Patterns by Mrs. H.   The members are having so much fun with this bag!! If you follow Samantha's blog, she's also posted a free pattern hack for the front pocket, giving it so many options! Um ya… this bag is massive! Go to her blog and see a ton of photos and strap options!

Here are some of the photos from the competition link up:

Where to enter the competition?

I knew you would ask…

Our competition page on the website is where you link up your photos and see all of the AMAZING PRIZE offerings from our generous sponsors. So many prizes from these guys!! Go HERE.

Oh and YES Emmaline Bags is a sponsor too!

We are all having a lot of fun in the FACEBOOK GROUP, we have over 4000 members in there and there are bag photos being posted daily. It's like a BOMC inspiration gallery with the bonus of help and fun conversation with like minded friends. We only have a couple of rules in the group - have fun, stay positive, and no outside advertising - except by the generous prize sponsors - they do need some appreciation!

If you aren't in the Facebook group yet, you really must join!

I'll be sharing the rest of the bags here for you as the patterns are released each month, and members of the subscription will get the right to their website account. You can join the club anytime between now and the end of June and the patterns that have been released in the earlier months of 2016 will already populate into your account. Easy Peasy!

I can't wait to see more of your bags, so link up in the contest and/or share them in the facebook group.

Oh and a bit of a teaser for you "I have had to shoulder the responsibility to design and carry the April pattern. It's was task, but I did a strapping good job that is all zipped up."  I can't wait to share the April pattern with you!

Thanks for reading & may all of your bobbins be full,


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  1. Hi Janelle, I don't see a link to your video about Bag of The Month Club

    1. Hi Judi! the video is right near the top of this, maybe it is taking a while to load for you? you should be able to just click play. Here is a link to the one on youtube if that video is not working for you:


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