Fabric Design

Spoonflower: Design and Print Your Own Fabric - Susan from crafterhours visits!

7/31/2012 03:47:00 AM
Pattern Reviews

sewVery's Steph Bag Review AND her Ruffle Neck Romper!

7/26/2012 07:23:00 PM
Blog Hop

Everything you wanted to know about Google+ EXPLAINED!!

7/24/2012 05:32:00 AM
Handbag Hardware

Moving to Canada SALE! - CLOSED

7/21/2012 10:18:00 PM

Sew a Leather Emmaline Bag - Just Like Rose's!

7/16/2012 08:35:00 PM
Handbag Hardware

More Bag Making Supplies/Hardware in the Shop!

7/12/2012 09:11:00 PM

Shop our hardware!

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