Emmaline Bag Sightings! Lovely bags...

5/22/2012 04:55:00 AM

I've just spotted some wonderful Emmaline Bags in some Etsy shops.  What a thrill to find these gorgeous bags out there for sale.  I love the fabric choices and I'm pretty proud that these wonderful seamstresses have chosen my Emmaline pattern to sell in their shops.

Here is Melinda's version, made up in some gorgeous Amy Butler fabric and contrasting jean bag straps.  Melinda, lives over in Perth, Western Australia.  You can find her shop, Millie Mollie Mandies Bag Emporium, and more bag photos HERE

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Susie at Susie's Creations by Richie416, had made up two really beautiful Emmaline bags in fabrics that just make me want to fly directly to France (a dream of mine) with her bags in tow.  Susie is from Islip, New York, and her Etsy shop is HERE.

And another of Susie's Emmaline Bags:

Wow... I think I'll try to find some more!  Oh please share your bags with me!  Some day in the near future, I might actually get around to putting that "Share Page" together.  In the mean time, please share your bags in my Flickr group.  The link is in the upper right corner of this blog.  You see that little box with the blue and red dots?  Click there!

Thank you for looking!!

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  1. I just learned about you thru Sara from Sew Sweetness. Your patterns are fabulous. I started following your blog. Oh, that Purse Palooza will be great.


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