Featured At sewVery: A Pattern Review

5/24/2012 05:55:00 AM

Ok this post is totally self-serving.  More than usual....  Because I am so thrilled!  Right now my ego would be about 11 out of 10 on the big chart of ego, if there was one.  I'm going to own it though, and enjoy it.  Lego my ego, let me have it!

Veronica at sewVery, wrote the most lovely things about my Emmaline Bag pattern and I'm truly very grateful and feeling very honored.  I'm so glad she was able to make her bag up just the way she wanted it, and I'm so pleased she had no troubles.  This is what I'm after, this is my goal!  I want ladies to make things they never knew they could make, make them easily, and be very proud and happy with their end result.  That is what I want.  Wear your gorgeous, summery handbag with pride, Veronica.  It's beautiful, well made and looks fab!   

Please visit Veronica's blog and peek at her sewing tutorials too, it's time well spent.  Thank you Veronica!

Nice job on the zipper pocket!

Thank you for looking!

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  1. Janelle, thank YOU for such a glowing review of my version of your bag and post about it. I could really learn to like this! And yes, I have been using the bag the last couple of days, and it is wonderful! So roomy and comfortable to carry, and I'm quite pleased with the stiffness of the bottom (I might need to update my post about that)! Thanks again!

  2. That is just so great! Self-serving is completely acceptable! Way to go! Going over to Veronica's to peek! Lisa McManus Lange


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