Sewing Room Clean-Up! Feels great.

11/02/2014 09:39:00 PM

There was fabric, there were sewing notions, and there was an explosion - perhaps several small explosions. The result was this:

Please DON'T click to enlarge ;)

and this....

It's terrible. Shameful.

There have been times in my life when I have been fortunate enough to have a sewing room, and times when I haven't. The sewing room has been the kitchen table, a desk in my bedroom, or in the home office. Currently, it's a small bedroom. It's not a large, "pinterest inspired" sewing room with clever ideas and matching motifs, but I am lucky to have it - so I don't complain. So why do I not take care of it?

Because creativity is MESSY business!

I couldn't even sew in it anymore.
And SEW I fixed it. It didn't take long, only a few hours of folding, sorting and dusting and it is beautiful again!

My desk found a nice sunny spot by the window, so I can spy on my son and the neighbourhood kids. (A great spot for sewing machine photography too.) The iron found a necessary spot away from the curtains.

My fabric is folded, and the shelves are clean and organized.

Best of all, Lady Liberty has found a great spot between Pinky and the Juki. The Brain, my Pfaff, stays packed in her travel bag for sewing guild meetings so Pinky and the Brain are not a duo any more. Juki has taken center stage!!

It have to say, it feels AMAZING to have a clean room to work in again. Going through all of my fabric enabled me to sort it so I know where everything I want is. I did realize that I really don't have that much fabric, and that is soooo sad... but easily fixable !!

After it was all done and sorted, I made up a cute little coin purse with a purse frame, and I sewed up a quick and easy fabric strap to hang my new round handmade bag labels from. I intend to put up a little blog post to help anyone that wants to make a fabric strap for them. These suckers are HUGE. A bit larger than I had intended when I first designed them, but I think they will look pretty amazing hanging from a strap ring on a large bag. Watch for them in the shop November 3rd!

How have your sewing rooms been looking lately? Lost your sewing mojo? Clean your room!! I am ready to go work on a quilt AND a new bag pattern.


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  1. Janelle you room looks amazing, nice bright sunny room. It is nice with your desk in front of the window so you can see outside and sew. Love Pinky glad to see she will share with Juki. I'm sure you are up for filling those shelves with fabric.

  2. You've inspired me to clean MY sewing space, Janelle! Mine's MUCH worse than yours was, by the way! ;) LOLL

  3. Oh....and LOOOOVE those handmade tags! You ROCK with your hardware designs! AWESOME! :)

  4. Love how you moved your sewing table in front of the window!!

  5. Oh, and good move with the ironing board away from the curtains lol!!

  6. I had to do a quick clean after sewing Minky scraps into a baby quilt backing but otherwise, the piles of unfinished projects are still lying around. I can sew through until i get the Christmas gifts done -- then it WILL be unbearable.
    I've been stash busting (no more Minky!) these last few months.

    YOU are very inspiring.
    Love the handmade tags.

  7. Oh no my daughter saw your pink sewing machine and now she wants one! Has it snowed yet? Creativity is messy ;)

  8. You made me laugh! Love this: "Creativity is MESSY business!" Maybe I should make a sign with that and put it up on my sewing space. I will give you credit for it. LOL My space is much worse than yours and is on our supposed dining room. That Pinky is beautiful! And the lamp matches pretty well. I might clean my space soon; maybe after I'm done with a certain bag obsession!! ;-) Right Chistine?! LOL

  9. What an amazing difference. Your room looks alot like mine. I have my sewing machine by the window like yours and my ironing board has been taken out of my room completely. I dropped my iron several times until it stopped working. I had an old one from 25 years ago that still worked so that came into my room till I bought a new one. When I got the new one I gifted it to my son with the ironing board in his bedroom so now I don't have to iron his clothes LOLLLL. I made an ironing board for my sewing table to replace the free standing one. At the moment I'm making one of your bags and it looks much worse than yours did. Thanks for showing yours, it's always nice to see others are in the same boat.

    1. Oppps I didn't write that correctly. I meant to say my room looks worse than yours did not the bag LOLLLL

  10. Umm, maybe you would like to come to sunny southern Arizona and help me organize my sewing room....tee hee. Yours looks great and now I am inspired, after I finish a craft fair coming up this weekend. My NCW pattern is ready to go the first of next really excited to get my first one made.

  11. What an inspiring post! Love your sunny sewing spot. Jealous of your Juki. I will make a New Year's Resolution to clean up my sewing area!!

  12. I desperately need to reorganize!!! Maybe this weekend it's getting colder so my sewing room is the perfect place to spend cold days.

  13. You're not lazy enough, make your ironing board the shortest it can be then you just have to swivel on your chair and roll a bit. None of this energetic getting up and walking two paces malarkey!!


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