Sew a Super Cute Cathedral Window Pincushion!

3/09/2014 07:00:00 PM

In between desperately needed (and much procrastinated) attempts at vacuuming and cleaning house today, I put together my Cathedral Window Pincushion that I will be demonstrating at the UFO sewing days our quilting guild is having this weekend.

I used some Amy Butler "Lark" scraps for this and I just LOVE the way it turned out. Funnily enough, I was cutting up the orange print, and grey linen scraps for it, and half way through I tossed them aside and grabbed the Amy Butler out of the scrap bag. So glad I did!

I'll be using the orange/grey pieces already cut for my "step out" for the demonstration. I want to show it in a couple of stages so I don't take up to much time demonstrating.

It's really so easy and took about 30 mins. I honestly spent more time picking out the grey and orange fabric.

I used a great tutorial by Susanne Klemm from Quilt it Out, found on the Riley Blake website HERE for this pincushion. She uses an alternate method than the traditional way, and I found it very accurate.  Give it a try!!

AND THANK YOU!!  Thank you so much for all of the lovely comments and support yesterday when I shared my bag pattern in Quilter's Connection magazine with you!  I'm so lucky have you all following my blog, and even luckier to be getting to know many of you so well.  Thank you so much, it means a lot to me.


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  1. I just have to make one. I love the fabrics you used!

  2. This caught my eye for sure, fantastic fabric choice and perfect accuracy- I would not want to put pins in it. I would fill with lavender and place on my coffee table as a scented centerpiece.

  3. Beautiful, everything about this is perfect! Now I'm thinking who I need to make one for....

  4. I've been doing spring cleaning, sewing, crochet and renovating an old trunck all at the same time so when I finally get some spare time I'll be making this for my sewing room, it's so pretty.

  5. Gorgeous! I love making these. I use that same tutorial too!

  6. What a surprise to read my name on your blog (which I follow for a while now - I love making bags) :)

    Your pincushion looks great! I think I have to make another one too.



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