I'm in a Magazine:: Happy to be in Quilter's Connection!

3/07/2014 07:56:00 PM

The Spring issue of Quilter's Connection, a Canadian Quilting magazine is out and I'm proud to say that I'm sharing a "modern quilted" bag pattern in it. This is my first time being featured in a mag so I am pretty thrilled, to say the least.

This issue's theme is Modern Quilting and I think the cover looks fab and I can't wait to try this quilt.

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Here is the pattern I submitted, The Spring Sling.  It's basically a sling for spring.... ha ha.  Sorry, couldn't resist.  This is an easy to make bag, constructed using byAnnie's Soft and Stable. It's got an adjustable strap, an internal zipper pocket and binding that goes on just like quilt binding. If you can make a quilt, you can make this bag - but faster ;) Writing the bio was the hardest part. I really just bragged a lot.

I'm really happy with how my digital drawings turned out in the magazine. The instructions look great. Heather and her staff at Quilter's Connection do amazing work and I'm proud to be part of this Canadian circulation.

If you would like to find an issue for yourself, go to the Quilter's Connection website to order a print or digital subscription, or to find one at a quilt shop near you.  Also available at select Chapters/Indigo/Coles.

I have to show you this darling wall hanging from the magazine. It almost makes wish I had a wee one with a bedroom to put it in.  Wait, no....  Maybe a grandchild some day instead ;)

I'm a happy girl!

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  1. Congratulations Janelle! Your Spring Slung is so fresh and fun😉

  2. Congratulations Janelle! The bag looks lovely! I've been waiting to see this after the sneak peek you showed ages ago!

  3. Congratulations Janelle. It's a lovely bag and looks so well made. I love the colours you used.

  4. WooHoo!! Congrats to you!! Great job :) xo Cindy

  5. Congratulations, Janelle! Well deserved!

  6. Good for you! Your bag is beautiful! Congratulations!

  7. Good for you! Your bag is beautiful! Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations!!! How exciting for you. Great bag and especially nice with patchwork.

  9. Yay!! for your gorgeous Spring Sling pattern in the Quilter's Connection magazine! It looks just stunning in the magazine photos! Well done!! I am looking at getting the digital magazine for your pattern!!


  10. Thank you so much for your lovely comments everyone! I am lucky to have you all following my blog and reading my posts. Thank you!!! Janelle

  11. I think I may need a trip to Chapters!

  12. Congratulations! Your bags are lovely. i am in the magazine too but haven't received my copy yet! I can't wait to see it.


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