What Language Do Elephants Speak? Plus... New Antique Brass Bag Supplies.

10/09/2013 10:23:00 AM

I intended to just get right into a quick post to share some pictures of some new antique brass bag supplies, and slim magnetic snaps that I have in my purse hardware shop, but first I have a funny little story for you.

Do you ever wake up in the morning, and then suddenly remember something from the night before and it makes you smile all morning?  This is one of those things, but this memory is also leaving me slightly confused!!

What languages do elephants speak?
My son is 8.  He's cute, loving, funny and truly a joy to my life.  I'm an older mom, with 23 year old and 20 year old daughters, and having another little one around... truly tires the heck out of me... but also keeps me young - and puzzled, very puzzled... and dazed and confused.

Last night we were snuggled up on the couch doing his bedtime home reading together. It was a book about Elephants. Yay!  We like elephants. In the first couple pages, the book went into descriptions as to why African and Asian elephants are different. Ear size, elephant size, tusks... and the obvious being that African elephants are from Africa and Asian from Asia.  (I was paying attention!)

I expected J to turn the page and keep on reading, but he just sat there looking confused.

"What's wrong?" I asked.
"I don't get it," he replied.
"You don't get what, hun?"
"Where are they from?" he asked.
"Well, African elephants are from Africa, and Asian elephants are from Asia".
He still look puzzled.
"African elephants are from Africa," he repeated.
"Asian elephants are from Asia?"


Then he says, and this is the confusing part, "So they speak German?"

Silence again....

Everything is running through my mind at this point. Here were my thoughts: "What? what? German? Where did he get that from. oh wow, he's confused.  he really needs help with geography. why German?  Elephants DON'T SPEAK! Maybe he meant they understand German? Maybe he means the trainers?  Oh my gosh, my poor boy.  Do we need tutoring? Compose yourself, handle this."

"Um... no sweetie, they don't speak?  And... the African elephants would speak an African language if they could speak, and the Asian ones would speak a language from an Asian country if they could. Maybe we need to look at a map?"

"Like Russian? Do they speak Russian?" he asks.

"Well no, they don't speak, but they probably communicate in elephant language," I replied.
"But if they could speak, they'd probably speak Russian?" He asked.

"Ah, not quite... let's look at a map!"
and in my head: Queue Dora the Explorer  "Where is map??!!!  Map!!"

Anyway, that's got me smiling today.  Love that boy!

And on to business....

I've got more antique brass supplies ordered or being made as we speak!  Here are some of my recent arrivals, including some really cute SLIM magnetic snaps in nickel that are perfect for your wallets and clutches.
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Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. That's cute! I love seeing how little minds work ;)
    I was a nanny for a set of twins and they always say the funniest things. Once we were "reading" the (kid friendly) atlas and looking at the countries etc, got to China and she pipes up "Oh yes. I know China. That's where they make all the umbrellas." Wait, what?!

    1. That's cute! I know, you just never know what these little ones are going to say. He cracks me up!

  2. Thanks for making me laugh! Kids...you just gotta love them! My daughters are 24 and 23 but I really enjoyed every minute of their childhood. Now I have a specific nephew & niece whom I just adore. They are very curious, active and lovely. Probably your son read something else about elephants and it's putting things together. Or maybe not and he's just being a kid... :-)

  3. Ha! I love your elephant story! Being a mom to three adult children (23, 21 and 19) and two little ones (4 and 3) I could totally relate! Those little guys. They do keep us young.. and on our toes don't they! :)


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