Sneak Peek:: The Teardrop Bag Revisited

3/22/2012 06:03:00 AM

I have to show you what I've been up to this week, besides hoping for sunshine.  Rain, Rain go-away!  It's torrential here on the Sunshine Coast, pretty ironic and unfair don't you think?  My street is flowing like a river as we speak, and tomorrow my little man might have to stay home from school because the road to school is flooding.  Yay, not. 

Down to business:

Do you want to put a zipper opening in your Teardrop Bag, or any other wonderful, unique handbag creation of your own?  Zipper gussets really aren't that hard; it's way harder to pick out fabric for your bag than it is to sew a zipper opening.... at least it is for me.  Fabric choice... make me crazy.

I'm working on an easy alteration for my Teardrop bag pattern that will include, you guessed it, a zipper opening, and a cool O-ring variation for the strap.  Cool... and EASY!  In fact, I like it more than the original.

DO NOT FEAR, all of my way awesome Teardrop pattern purchasers, you will soon get a revision in your inbox!  (That's right, I will email all of you when I am finished the PDF version.)  It will be more like a supplementary tutorial, that will include instructions on how to create your own lining pattern without pleats, how to sew the zipper gusset, and how to use the O-ring strap variation.  I'll have these tutorials on my blog for everyone, so you can use them on your own fab projects, and all of my future Teardrop Bag pattern purchasers will have it included in their pattern.  Easy Peasy!

Thank you for reading, and please comment if this appeals to you.

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