All New EB-Fuse Interfacing!

9/27/2021 03:43:00 PM



I am so excited to introduce our own Emmaline brand interfacing - EB-Fuse!  Yay!  I have wanted to do this for a long time, and am so happy the time has finally come!  

We have 3 weights of all purpose, woven, fusible, interfacing suitable for a range of weights of cotton, wool, or knit fabric. These work very well to stiffen and add structure to quilting cottons for exterior/interior bag outers & linings, pockets, or garments. Use it on our woven wool "Harris Tweed" fabrics to stabilize before cutting, or on our faux leather to remove stretch. For a heavier/stiffer feel on cottons, or heavier fabric weights, try the medium & heavy weights. See below for a more detailed description on these weights.

We even have FREE sample packs!!

Check out the video for a complete run down and review! 

You can check out our EB-Fuse HERE
  • Light - 120 gsm - For use on quilting cotton for exterior bag outer, interior lining, pockets, or garments. This is a similar weight to Pellon SF101 or Vilene G700.  Use it on our woven wool "Harris Tweed" fabrics to stabilize before cutting, & on our faux leather to remove stretch.
  • Medium - 160 gsm - Gives you a slightly stiffer feel than our Light weight version. Great to use on credit card pockets, wallets and bag exterior fabrics.
  • Heavy - 210 gsm - This has a similar weight and feel to Decovil Light stabilizer, without the cost! It adds a very effective stiffness to add structure to a bag exterior, but still has a nice fabric feel.

"Just received my latest hardware/fabric/interfacing order and can't believe how much I LOVE the EBFuse light woven interfacing....It beats the heck out of the SF101 and others I have tried. The feel of the adhesive on the back takes away any confusion of right side/wrong side....happy iron in my sewing area now!! The support it gives my fabric (both cotton and a med. weight home decor product) is perfect in this 1st project using it!! And my old arthritic hands can EASILY fuse it as well. I have a habit of ripping my interfacing to fit straight edged pattern pieces and this product makes it so simple to do. It stays nicely squared with no excess threads in the way, as happens with others. Cuts way down on the strain of cutting on my hands with either scissors or blades. Thanks so much for this lovely new product Janelle MacKay!! It is amazing."
- Barbara H.

I hope you like using our EB-Fuse as much as I do.   I have really enjoyed working with it!   
Stay tuned for more fun projects & products we have coming up!! 

Janelle xo


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