On the Go Bags Blog Tour Starts Today!

11/30/2015 11:57:00 PM

The On the Go Bags blog tour starts today… hit all the stops to read stories, see book projects, and win some book prizes! 

  On the Go Bags Blog Tour

Tuesday, Dec 1: Shannon Fabrics / Sew Sweetness 
Wednesday, Dec 2: Clover & Violet / Ann Kelle 
Thursday, Dec 3: Radiant Home Studio / Melly Sews 
Friday, Dec 4: Sew Caroline / Mia's Creations 
Saturday, Dec 5: ikat bag / imagine gnats 
Monday, Dec 7: sewVery / The Girl Inspired 
Tuesday, Dec 8: Stash Books / Fabric Mutt 
Wednesday, Dec 9: Pellon 
Thursday, Dec 10: Simple Simon and Co / Mrs. H 
Friday, Dec 11: Emmaline Bags / Lindsay Sews 
Monday, Dec 13: Sew, Mama, Sew

  On the Go Bags (Dec. 2015, Stash Books)

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  1. I read Lindsay's account of how this project started. You're a proper riot, you are. Lucky for us!

  2. I like this bag and want to make it NOW.

    1. Having trouble attaching the border piece to flap almost 1/4 to wide

    2. Hello Anonymous - I am going to have a lot of trouble helping you because I don't know who you are, what pattern you are sewing or how to email you. It would be great if you could please email or send a message. There is a contact form above as well. Janelle

    3. Good morning I am working on the clutch bag wallet. Having trouble making edges even when I attach the border piece to the flap its almost 1s 1/4 -1/2 over edge of flap. Thanks for you're help if you can.

    4. Hi there I would like to help for sure. It would be best to email or use the contact form in the bar above so we can talk over email rather than on this post because I am worried that I might miss it. It could be that the pieces were printed a bit smaller, but it's not a worry, I think you will be fine by just trimming them to match. You could always email me a photo so I could see!


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