Made in the USA & Made in Canada Labels are here!! Which do you like?

2/19/2014 12:27:00 PM

Metal Bag Label for Purses

My new metal bag labels and zipper pulls are in the shop and getting a great response from customers so far. I am really happy with how they turned out. These will be great as a centre focal point on the exterior of any bag, or a nice professional surprise in a lining. I know I am biased, as they are my design, but I really think these labels and zipper pulls will set your handmade bags apart from the rest. They are just cool, cool, cool and I am very proud of them! I love my bag bling...

Metal zipper pulls for handmade bags

Metal logos for bags and totes

I wanted to use the word "handcrafted" and have a wider & larger label than my original versions and so after some messing around, I came up with this design. I couldn't decide on whether or not to put black in in the lettering, so I got both. You see, I have a hard time making decisions. I plan on re-ordering the style that is the most popular and probably will not always carry both the designs with ink them and no ink in them. As it turned out, it's actually hard to see a huge difference in the "with ink" or "without" as the lettering itself is not very thick. If I had made the font a little wider, I think it would be much more noticeable. So please let me know your preference and I'll make note.

Handcrafted and Handmade bag labels

Being a Canadian girl, I started with the Made in Canada version, and created a maple leaf zipper pull to match. After designing the Made in the USA version, I decided on a simple zipper pull to match that says "handcrafted". These pulls are thinner, but a bit longer than the original "handmade" pulls and are well suited for both the exterior, interior of bags, zipper pouches, make-up bags and jackets. I like the size of these!
Made in Canada labels and zipper pulls

Made in USA labels and zipper pulls

My Australian customers are feeling a bit left out at the moment and several have requested I produce some Made in Australia labels and if I get a big enough response, I will go for it. My biggest worry is that I don't sell a lot to AUS because of the shipping costs and so I really have to make sure they will be a popular item. I would definitely only buy one style - with ink or without.

These go in very easily. Just simply use the washer to mark the two slits that need to be made.  Put the label prongs through the holes, place the washer on the back and bend the prongs over the washer.  I recommend a bit of batting, felt or fleece over the prongs before you put the washer on, as this makes a tighter fit.

So let me know please - which is your preference?  With Black ink or Without?  

Zipper pulls for Jackets and bags


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  1. Lovely! Are the zip pull ones blank on the back? They could work for us Aussies, and a single one would post pretty cheap I would think. I think the inked ones personally.

  2. I think that at certain conditions of lighting and angle of vision there will be a difference. So the inked ones get my vote. They are on my wish list.

  3. OMG!!!! Janelle my labels arrived today. They are gorgeous!! I mean the pics you list look amazing but not as amazing as they do in person. I am thoroughly impressed (not that I had reason not to be). I purchased the USA version (no ink) ... I'm just so in awe and can't express enough how beautiful they look. I am definitely getting more of these as well as the zipper pulls too.


  4. Oops...I forgot to say that I do like them w/o the ink (not that I can compare) but just looking at mine, I like the clean and simple finish (that probably didn't sound right but hopefully you get what I mean). :-)

  5. I like without the black! Those are awesome! I will definitely be looking in to purchasing some of those from you in about 6 months. Thanks!

  6. Gosh, you make amazing things! I just bought your Necessary Clutch Wallet I'm so psyched to try it, it looks lovely and so much fun to make! <3

    They're lovely all of them! Wish I lived in Canada or the US =D
    I think I prefer the ones with ink myself from what I can tell from the pictures =)


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