My Sewing Summit Bag Is Finished!!

9/17/2013 04:08:00 PM

I'd like to share this tote with you... as it's not only my travel bag, shopping bag, and purse for my trip to Salt Lake City tomorrow for Sewing Summit 2013, but it will also be my next sewing pattern.  This won't be ready to be released for a few weeks, as it hasn't even been written yet - so don't start looking for it!  And if you think of a name... let me know!  I've been calling it the Novella Tote, because of the fabric collection I used here, but another suggestion I had and liked was Nouvelle Chic.  Do you have a name for this trendy looking tote?

Fabric:  Finnelopy in Indigo, Novella Collection by Valori Wells for Free Spirit Fabrics.

A good size tote, complete with adjustable carrying straps with buckles, a zipper opening, purse feet on a sturdy base, and several pocket options.  I used By Annie's Soft and Stable in the exterior and the soft, thick sides stand up on their own.

Here is my first version. I've been carrying it all summer, and although I love it - it was too floppy for me, the base was too wide, and it needed a zipper opening for travel.  It makes a good shopping tote though and I like to carry my packages in it to the post office.  I fixed all of these issues in the blue version and I'm very happy with the result.  This weekend at Sewing Summit will be the test!

Fabric: Ty Pennington, home decor weight cotton.
Watch for more like this in a few weeks time as I always make up a few of each bag with different fabrics for inspiration.

Thank you for looking!!


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