Microfiber Purse Handles: What To Do With Them and Links to Free Patterns

6/06/2013 10:42:00 AM

Recently, I purchased about 8 dozen pairs of microfiber purse handles from a lovely lady named Barbara H.  Barbara had been searching for Everything Mary purse handles that are sold at Joann's and Hancock Fabrics in the USA but aren't available to us in Canada. Everything Mary offered to sell her a box of 250 that was in a warehouse in Ontario and since she didn't need that many, she asked if I would take the excess off her hands... of course!

Barbara makes bags for friends, family, and charity auctions and has a few great ideas of what to do with microfiber purse handles.  Not only will they look good on any purse or bag, but they are also very strong and long enough to go over your shoulder - so GREAT to shop with!

Here is her method of making a tote.  It's explained quite well, but you will need some experience lining a tote so I will provide some tote pattern links below.
Barbara says:

 *  A simple square bottom large tote works beautifully with them.  I use 36” x 18” denim or corduroy.  I press on fusible interfacing (Pellon 808) to the fabric back.  
*   I line with cotton and many pockets on inside as well as 2 or more on the outside.  I square off the bottom with 6” ends for nice size that the grocery packers love because it is easy to load with groceries (stays nice and wide for them).
*  I mark the centre front and back of the bags and place the handles in either self fabric or sturdy braid loops @ 3” from either side of centre. 

*  Once all pockets and lining are in place,  I also use pieces of firm plastic (even the plastic webbing that is used for cross stitching crafts cuts easily) to cover with the lining fabric or scraps to sit in the bottom of the bag on top of the lining .  This firms up to bag to sit open for packing and keeps the lining in place as well.

Barbara also sent me some pictures of some lovely totes that have been made using some orphan quilt blocks, don't these look great!

I haven't been able to make anything with my microfiber purse handles yet... but I will soon!  I think they would work PERFECTLY on my Boyd St. Bowling Bag Pattern and I'm eager to try that.

Some free tote patterns:
Free Downloadable Bag Patterns at pursepatterns.com

These would look FAB with Lisa Lams "For Pleats Sake" Tote, just add tabs.

About the Purse Handles:
Sturdy, quality, ready-made purse handles to give your tote, purse or handbag that professional, personalized look. These look awesome, and so easy to add! These BLACK microfiber EverythingMary brand purse handles have a gorgeous braided detail where they are attached to the 1" (inside diameter) shiny nickel colour rings. They are 24" long in total, and 5/8" wide and come in a pair of 2 for $5.90 CAD. Available while stock lasts.  Get them HERE.


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  1. I have used those handles and LOVE them! Some are on the purse I currently carry and they wear really well. Can't wait to make another purse with some more of them!

  2. ah! you reminded to check my mailbox for these!

  3. Excellent article. Where could I buy microfiber fabric if I wanted to use it to make an entire handbag and not just one that featured microfiber handles. Thanks in advance.


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