Fun Handbag and Wallet Photos - Take a Peek!!

4/21/2013 11:40:00 AM

There are so many fun new photos of handbags and wallets in the flickr group!  You guys are amazing and I just love seeing your results.  Please hop over to the group, get some inspiration, and share your own pictures.

Eye Candy: Look at this gorgeous Boyd St. Bowling bag from Tabatha at Bending Pins.
You can read her blog post and see pictures of the inside HERE.  She did some piped handles that turned out really beautiful.

Source: Bending Pins

This is one of her Steph-in-the-City bags.  She actually started with new jean material and bleached it after!  I don't know how she does that....

Source: Bending Pins

And this is her Necessary Clutch Wallet made with Jeni Baker's Color Me Retro fabric collection.  I love this.  My husband even commented on it, which believe me, is really something!

Source: Bending Pins

Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous photos, Tabatha.  You are making my patterns look so fun!!

I really enjoy seeing what fabrics others may use in my patterns. Picking fabric is something I really struggle with and to be honest, I'm not always happy with my choices. I am getting better at it, but you all really inspire me!  Please share in the Flickr group!!


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  1. Wow Janelle, thank so much, I'm honoured and humbled! Truth be known, I love your pattern and love making them, I'm always up for something new and different.

    xo Tabatha

  2. I love the fabric she used for the Boyd St. Bowling Bag, it looks like it would be so fun to carry around.

  3. Wow really gorgeous and mind blowing handbag. Attractive posts. I am huge fan of this type of handbag. I just collect Louis Vuitton Takashi Murakami collaboration limited camouflage mini Boston bag at PIJ.


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