A Very Smurfy Church in Big Valley, Alberta

2/14/2013 06:53:00 PM

St. Edmunds Church, Big Valley, Alberta

Last weekend my son and I went on a weekend trip away for a hockey tournament in the small Village of Big Valley, Alberta (population 364).  We stayed with the rest of the families in Stettler, Alberta, which is about 25 minutes away, because Big Valley didn't have any hotels.

"The Blue Church" overlooking Big Valley

I've never been to Big Valley, but I've often heard about the Big Valley Jamboree, a huge annual outdoor country music festival.  Many huge acts come there every summer and people come from all over to stay and camp and listen to music all weekend.  This year they are going to have Alan Jackson, Neal McCoy, Tim McGraw, Terri Clark, Big & Rich, Roseanne Cash to name only a few!

Why no Canadian Flag?
I didn't know what could be going on in Big Valley in the middle of winter, so curious as I am, I went straight on to Google to learn what I could learn.  I am usually looking for lighthouses before I travel anywhere (I like to put big dots on my map so I can direct hubby straight to them) - but of course there are no lighthouses in the middle of the Alberta prairie.  I found some very beautiful pictures of a bright blue church though, and taking pictures of this blue church went straight to the top of my "What to do in Big Valley List", right below watching hockey - of course.

St. Edmunds perched on it's very crooked hill!

On the way in to town I was really worried because it was so overcast.  I was so worried I wouldn't see that blue church overlooking the town (like a big lighthouse over the sea), but there it was bright blue against the snow, high on the hill overlooking town.  I didn't have time to investigate until after the first hockey game, and I got right over there as soon as it was over.  It is very unique for the area, very gothic.  Very smurfy.  I loved it!  There was a bit of sun, but it didn't last long.  Within about 10 minutes it was overcast again and the snow was starting to blow.  I did get some great pictures right before the clouds came though.  What a treat!  I love reading about our Alberta history too.  You can learn about one of our historic places, the St. Edmunds Anglican Church here.   I did think the Big Valley would have been.... bigger.... though.

I was telling some of the Moms about it at dinner later that night, and showing my pictures.  I can't believe that I was the only one that had to go take pictures of it!  They didn't really care much.  I'm not Anglican, but I can appreciate a bit of history, and it's not every day that you get to see a church painted smurf blue!  I hope you like this smurfy church too.   Click pics to enlarge!


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  1. Great photos of the nice little blue Church, it's so cute sitting up there on the hill. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Also reminds me of those Very Cold Alberta Winters.

    2. Yes, it is quite bitter, as you know! It's been quite nice lately though. I was thinking it was kind of neat that the blue church was looking over the white valley, whereas the white lighthouse is usually looking over the blue sea. Nice contrast!


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