How Do You Say Emmaline? I Wrote a Poem

8/02/2012 08:31:00 PM

Yes, I wrote a Poem.
I am often asked how I say Emmaline.  Usually, by my husband.  (Actually, he doesn't ask, how I say it, I just correct him when he says it wrong.)   I am sure there are at least 2 ways to say Emmaline, and both are correct... but I only say it one way ;)  So back in the day, which was a Wednesday, I wrote a poem. Not a good poem; it won't make you laugh or cry.  Just a poem.  I hope it helps!

What's in your name?
Why there's Emma and Line
Of course

Neither Emma-Jean
nor Emma-Bean.
Not Emma-Dean
or Emma-Lean.

Almost Caroline
nearly Elmoline.
Practically EmmaVine
and Emmashine.
Hinting on Emmalign...
but completely Emmaline!

Who is Emmaline?   Not me.... I am Janelle, otherwise known by my friends as Jellsie or Jells, and by some family members as... Nellie.  (My girlfriends here in Australia named me Jellsie, which I am fond of actually.  You see, no one in Australia can go by their given name.  They are all Baz, Shaz, Daz, Jono, Stevo, Ricko, Sez, Jacko, Shar, Car, Cher, Jase and Possum... to name a few.  I love Australians)  I digress....

Emmaline, is a baby girl name that I love very much, but didn't get to use.  When deciding on a name for this "sewing thing", I knew I wanted it to be named something pretty and feminine, and it had to come from a special place in my heart.  It could only be Emmaline.

Thank you for reading and following along while both Emmaline and I carry on, learning and growing as we go...

Rose are red
violets are blue
I suck at poems
How about you?  ;)


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