Teardrops in Pink Stitches and Raspberry Sunshine

2/15/2012 04:00:00 PM

Last week I started a facebook contest, and the prize was a copy of my new PDF Sewing Pattern, The Teardrop Bag.  The winners were "carefully chosen" by a panel of judges, (me and my dog, Toohey) using strict criteria.  In order to win the amazing prize, you first had to enter the contest, and then you had to... WIN.  Yes, everyone who entered won!  Trust me, it felt really good anouncing that all eleven entries were winners, and the positive, grateful, responses were enough to make me want to do it again some day very soon!

Christy's Cute REG size Teardrop Bag
First, out of the gate to whip up a Teardrop Bag was Christy from Pink Stitches in Fresno, California.  Christy made the Regular size, she loved the pattern and can't wait to make another very soon.  She also added her own flare by making her bag reversible.  You can see all of the pictures of her scrumptious pink bag in our Flickr group (please add yours too!).  Christy Packard  has found a new addiction in bag making and you can find several in her facebook shop, which she is adding to daily.  Her passion for colour shines through and shows up in all of her bags, totes and clutches.  Check out what Christy is doing HERE. 

Cindy's XL Bag in Linen

The second PDF prize winner to share their Teardrop Bag was Cindy from Raspberry Sunshine.  Although she is moving from state to state in the US in two weeks, she is such a devoted sewer/crafter/handbag maker, she made time to whip up the XL version of the Teardrop Bag.  Which turned out beautifully, I might add!  She also created a gorgeous, coordinating, ruffled make-up pouch and made quite a nice matching set.  I love the Teardrop Bag made in that beautiful linen-duck and the pink lining is very eye-catching.  Cindy provided some wonderful feedback on my pattern.  To read Cindy's pattern review, pop over to her blog HERE.  Be sure to follow her blog while you are there.

Cindy's cute coordinating make-up bag.

Thank you so much for sharing your bags and pattern reviews with me, ladies.  I really can't wait to see more; everyone has their own flare that makes each one so different.

Thanks for looking,

PS:  Please leave a comment below; some of you have said my
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  1. Yes, they are very pretty bag! I have to check out their blogs...Thanks for sharing. Have a nice evening! Hugs, Loretta

  2. Thanks Loretta! My comments are working! Janelle

  3. Thanks so much for the mention Janelle!....I so love my craft friends...:)

  4. I bought this pattern and can't wait to make it!!

  5. Boy I stay away from the blogs for a week and miss all the excitement. I can't wait till I get some more time to check out everybody blogs, and write on mine. Your pattern looks nice. I will have to look you up on Facebook.

    1. Thanks for stopping in, Natalie. Yes, you really have to be on top of those blogs don't you! I'm wanting to follow many more blogs, but I don't know if I'll be able to add that much more reading to my schedule! I'll be watching for that next post of yours too ;) Janelle


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