HANDMADE COUTURE: You can make this look too - Blue Hermes Designer Handbag.

2/25/2017 12:05:00 PM

Are you or someone you love a designer handbag enthusiast? Do you sometimes find yourself staring at bags you see in magazines, or even on someone's shoulder in the grocery store wondering how to recreate that bag? Then the Handmade Couture series is for you. We pick a designer bag and tell you how to recreate it using available sewing patterns, materials and hardware. You can have the same look, but make it totally "you" and for a fraction of the cost. When you sew your own bag you know exactly what is going into the bag and can add or modify features to suit your preferences.

How about this gorgeous blue crocodile Hermes toolbox bag? Isn't it incredible?! So is the price tag, you can own this beauty for 29,000 U.S. Dollars (yes that was three zeros).

Don't have 29K in the bank to own this beauty? Me neither. BUT, we can make our own version, and use whatever colors and materials we like. Let's be our own brand. 

Pattern + Hardware + Fabric = Handmade Couture.


The Aster Handbag pattern by Blue Calla Patterns is a great doppleganger for the 29K Hermes bag. This is available as both a PDF pattern here and as a paper pattern from our shop here


Or, you can purchase the complete hardware kit in the shop here. There are two variations of the kit available in different finishes.


If you are really going for an identical look you can purchase some faux crocodile leather like this, available from this Etsy shop

Or if you are REALLY brave and want to go for the real thing, you can purchase a real alligator hide, Like this:

Of course, if you aren't into the whole blue alligator thing you can make this in the fabric that YOU prefer. That's the benefit of creating your own, it's what YOU want it to be. Handmade can be couture too!

Have you thought of cork fabric? Bag makers are going nuts over it right now, because will give you a high end look that is easy to sew and very durable. You can get it in many textures and colours from reputable shops like MM Cork Supply. Try it in a lovely Denim Blue:

Or if want to stick to the "look" of this bag, the cork also comes in Crocodile and Alligator textures of several colours. Here is the crocodile in a nice rich brown:


Photos and content provided and written for Emmaline Bags by Cyndi Farfsing, from The Nosy Pepper. Cyndi's blog is chock is full of more bag photos and make making tips. Check out her bag series "It's in the Bag! Better Bag Making Series," to learn a ton of new bag making skills.

Share your projects made from Emmaline patterns and/or with Emmaline hardware in our facebook group Emmaline Sewing Patterns Group, or on instagram with the hashtags #emmalinehardware, #emmalinepatterns, #emmalinebags, or tag us @emmalinebags.

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  1. Okay, so I've already gained a whole lot of value from this one post... a link to a Canadian cork fabric supplier. (The "copying" idea has been in the back of my mind for some time now, as I've figured out that nothing is truly original anymore!)

    1. Thanks Rochelle, I think there are a lot of original ideas still, but when you have the talent and capabilities to "do it yourself" and make something you admire and love that is out of your reach to purchase, there is a lot of enjoyment in creating it and making it in your own way. I think that is why DIY, Pinterest & Sewing are so enjoyable.


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