Drink Coasters for Bag Makers & Free File Downloads!

10/26/2016 12:08:00 PM

Hello fellow bag lovers!  We are excited to announce some new products in the shop, made especially for us bag addicts: cork backed coasters! These little gems are perfect for yourself or a friend and make great swap or retreat gifts. Each coaster measures 3 ½” and is 1/16” thick and features a high gloss finish.

Choose your favourite from 3 unique designs:

Bag Maker Coaster Set of 4 in Red I'm a Bag Lady.jpg:

Bag Maker Drink Coaster Set of 4 in Red I'm a Bag Lady.jpg

Bag Maker Coaster Set of 4 in Blue I'm a Bag Maker.jpg
Bag Maker Coaster Set of 4 in Blue with cork back.jpg

For those who want a little more sass: “I’m a BadAss Bag Maker” in Red:

Bag Maker Coaster Set of 4 in Red I'm  a Bad Ass Bag Maker.jpg

Bag Maker Wine Coaster Set of 4 in Red I'm  a Bad Ass Bag Maker.jpg

Can’t pick your favorite? Pick up the 3 piece set that has one each of the three styles:

Bag Maker Coaster Set of 3 Styles.jpg

You can now make your mark as a bag lover without making a mark on your sewing table.  Protect your furniture while boasting your passion for bags. Pick up a set or two and add a couple to your next swap package, or just collect them all for yourself!

As a bonus you can download the graphics for you to use on your blog, or other social media to show your bag pride. Cheers!

Download the files here:

Emmalne Coasters - For Bag Badges-01.jpg

Emmalne Coasters - For Bag Badges-03.jpg

Emmalne Coasters - For Bag Badges-02.jpg

Enjoy and Happy Sewing!

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