Miss Maggie's Handbag - A Free Handbag Pattern by Janelle MacKay

9/21/2016 02:11:00 PM

Introducing my new free handbag pattern - Miss Maggie's Handbag.

This pattern came about, because after getting all of the new strap anchors in my bag hardware shop, I needed to provide you all with a sewing pattern that you could use them with. One sewing pattern - that works will ALL of the strap anchors.

Miss Maggie's Handbag with Gold "Edgwena" Strap Anchors.
Whether you have already purchased, or want to buy the strap anchor designs on the website, you are probably wondering how you can use them on patterns you already have (you can), or maybe you want to try something new. This pattern, Miss Maggie's Handbag, was intended to get your feet wet using the strap anchors and provide you with 1 single pattern that you can use with all 4 of the featured strap anchor styles, PLUS give you an opportunity to use other items from our shop like Bridge Connectors or Strap Keepers. The possibilities are endless.

Miss Maggie's Handbag in blue leather and nickel "Long John" strap Anchors.

A Bit About Miss Maggie:

Miss Maggie’s Handbag is a great starting point for any beginner to advanced bag maker. It starts out as a simple handbag that allows you to use several styles of our Emmaline Strap Anchors, and after you personalize it with your own style, it will become one of your favourite bags. I fell it love with this simple, yet classic shape & decided it was the perfect bag for makers to either leave as is, or dress up with pockets and accents to suit their own style.

Faux Suede from Shannon's Fabrics, with nickel "Diamond" strap Anchors.

The instructions will show you how to make simple straps, an inside slip pocket, and insert purse feet. From there, if you would like to add: inside or outside zipper pockets, zipper openings, bag lock closures, accent fabrics, or any other fancy bag features, you can follow the free tutorials on our blog or elsewhere to make it exactly to suit your own personal style. So let this free pattern show you how “keeping it simple” can look stylish, professional, and classy.

Finished Size:  Width - 11” (28 cm) x Height - 10” (25 cm) x Depth - 4” (10 cm)

Black Vinyl Miss Maggie's Handbag with gold "Top Edge" strap anchors.

Whether you use fabric, leather, vinyl, or faux suede, you are going to make a very gorgeous handbag. Because it's so simple to construct, it would make a quick and easy gift for a friend, or yourself!

Yes, it's a FREE pattern. It's a quite a basic bag with simple, easy to follow instructions, but and if you want to take it further than that, you can - but the instructions are quite streamlined and meant to compliment our shop products. 

Showing gold "Edgwena" strap anchors and our "Hanging Tassel Caps"

You don't want to buy extra hardware? Well, that is just fine too. You can add fabric strap tabs, pre-made bag straps, straps from other patterns you have. You can still use this pattern for whatever need you have. I hope you have fun with it! Get the pattern here.

Get the pattern here!

Some Pattern Tester Photos:

Barbara's bag HAS to be first on the list, because the pattern name is actually a tribute her precious furry friend that had her graduation from land doggy to winged doggy during the pattern testing phase. Miss Maggie Moo, a loveable spotted girl will be remembered each time we mention "Miss Maggie". 

Here is Barbara's jean bag. She used our "Diamond" strap anchors, and added some pockets for accent. Barbara always adds pockets to suit her needs, so this pattern is perfect for her!

Cyndi made 2 bags using the "Long John" strap anchors, and you may even recognize them from the strap anchor tutorial she created for our tutorial section. I love the bright green straps and tassel, and the blue glitter straps. It serves to remind me how use of colour can give a project that extra sparkle! 

Jayne found a very unique vinyl with a cool ribbon print running through it. It worked perfectly with our gold "Top Edge" strap anchors and her giraffe print lining. Love this unique bag! 

Judith also used the "Long John" strap anchors and a nice caramel vinyl. She pulled of a classy southwest look with her dark straps. She made them a bit longer and thinner and they will work well for a shoulder strap. I love the colour variations in that vinyl! 

Last, but not least, Natalie used up some of her new Tula Pink fabric and some shiny nickel "Edgwena" strap anchors.  She went for a longer shoulder strap and lined it with cotton. I love this look and the addition of the leather base works beautifully here. 

My pattern testers had a lot of fun with this bag, and I truly hope you do too. Share your projects made from Emmaline patterns and hardware in our facebook group Emmaline Sewing Patterns Group, or on instagram with the hashtags #emmalinehardware, #emmalinepatterns, or tag us @emmalinebags.

I can't wait to see what you make!  Janelle 

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  1. Lovely efforts on the part of everyone, Janelle. Sometimes a simple bag that you can make your own additions to is just the ticket. Congrats on your new hardware line... my fave is the "long john"; looks very snazzy!

    1. Thank you so much, Rochelle!! I am happy to hear that you like it and the hardware! YAY!

  2. What a wonderful array of different personalities! Love them all!! I can't wait to get back to sewing and making some if these. Thank you, Janelle!

  3. Love the free pattern. It looks great! Tester pics are amazing too. That new Tula Pink fabric was made for this bag I think. I am yet to try the new hardware but am sure I will soon.

    1. I agree, the Tula print is perfect for that bag - and what a colour match!

  4. They are all so lovely! Thank you Janelle for the new handbag pattern and all the different hardware that can be used with it. Sometimes a pattern like this is all I really need to start making handbags.

    1. Oh great to hear! Yes, hardware and patterns are so much fun to experiment with. This one is loads of fun!

  5. I found a fall scene panel this pattern will work great with! Thanks! I am wanting to order some black vinyl for the straps. Can you tell me where you get yours from? Thanks!!

    1. This pattern is perfect for a feature fabric!! I have had good luck with vinyl from onlinefabricstore.com, my local fabric store, and also fabric.com. I think with the bag making craze, it's getting a lot easier to find!

  6. Hi Janelle! I have gone to the site and clicked on "get pattern" but I'm not seeing anywhere to download the PDF. Help! :)

    1. Hi there, you need to add the item to your cart and go through checkout for the download process. The item is free, so it will be a free checkout and you won't have to supply payment info.


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