Script Labels are Here: How to Install Instructions Included

8/11/2014 11:30:00 AM

I am very excited to share my script labels with you. I designed these early last year, and it's been a long wait for them to arrive. So happy to have them available for your bags now!!

Finished in shiny nickel, and featuring the word "Handmade" in a classy retro style script font. This label brags that handmade is chic, and handmade can indeed be professional looking. Brag about your bag!! See how easy they are to install:

11 mm (7/16") x 50 mm (2") long

Easy to attach, 2 rivet caps included with each label.

How To Install: 
1) Mark & cut holes in your exterior bag with an awl or punch.
2) Insert label posts through holes to wrong side of bag exterior.
3) If bag exterior is not already a combined thickness (fabric, intefacing, interlining or fusbile fleece) of 1/8" (3 mm) when compressed, place two layers of fleece, felt or batting over the posts.
4) Snap rivet caps onto posts.
5) Work on a cement floor or sidewalk, place a layer of felt or fleece on the floor to protect the finish of the label. It must be a hard surface so your hammer does not bounce.
6) Use a rivet setting tool and hammer to tap down on the caps. It is crucial that you hammer straight down and not at an angle. ONLY tap the hammer a couple of times so the post opens up in the cap. Do not smash the hammer or flatten too tight or you post will break off. Theses posts are soft so that they are able to open inside the cap. Rivet Setting tool is not required, but it does work better.
7) Test the cap to see of it is secure after a couple of straight, firm, taps. If it comes off, then tap again. Do not flatten caps or post will break. There is a bit of a learning curve on the installation, so try on scraps first. When you have it right, you will never turn back!

If you have purchased these lately, please share your pictures with me!
Here is one that Samantha from Sewing Patterns by Mrs. H has added to her up and coming pattern. Love the placement.


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  1. Do you still have these? I can't find them in the shop.

  2. Hi Tracy, we don't have the script labels at the moment because we are working on changing them so that they are easier to install.

    We hope to have them in 4-6 weeks again.


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