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7/22/2014 12:23:00 AM

Boxy Leather Pouch - Click to Enlarge

Rich cognac leather bag, with shiny bling "Handmade" script bag label, cute zipper pull, and a striking ikat cotton print lining... I think so!  I think I love this project, and I am so glad it is DONE. What you aren't hearing though, is all the swearing, complaining, regret, and vows to buy an industrial sewing machine that happened during it. This is my project for Stitch Swap, and I love it anyway....
I'm participating in a Stitch Swap where bloggers are paired up with a secret partner and send each other 1 yard of fabric to do whatever they want with.  What fun!  When I got my green/yellow ikat cotton from Tasha who blogs at Friends Stitched Together, I didn't quite know what it was going to be yet, but I knew I wanted this project to include one of my new metal script labels. These are a design that I'm really proud of, and I've been working on getting them made for some time and I just wanted to show everyone how darn awesome they are! But what to make?

The cotton print ikat has a lovely brown grid in the background that matches perfectly with some leather that I have been cutting into now and then, and I had just enough left for a small project. The trick would be to try and make sure that I wasn't sewing too many layers at time.  I chose the boxy pouch tutorial that I recently introduced to my local quilt guild, it's from the Pink Stitches blog.

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It was mostly a good choice, and it went together really easily, with never more than two layers to sew together at the same time. Until the step where I sewed across the box ends & zipper ends - oops, I miss counted. There would be four layers of leather to sew together and my poor juki girl was not so happy with me.  I got through though, with a few skipped stitches that, after several tries and "re-runs", still remain skipped. Swear as I might, it just would not sew through, but it did manage to break 3 needles successfully. Someday, I will get that walking foot industrial, Natalie.

This turned out just fine though, in a pinch. It even got it's strap.  Not the original 3 layer strap that I could not sew through and put me into childish fits of rage, but a one layer strap that will suit it's purpose just fine.

I love the zipper & pull, which was a great find at a local clearance fabric store. I am hoarding a couple more of those. I used it specifically though, because it matched nicely in a nice shade of brown.

For photo opportunities, I staged my husband's shaving brush and soap with it, because it looks like a nice manly pouch, or a great Father's Day gift. But I'll be honest with you, it's mine and only mine!  I made him a nice leather e-reader pouch, so I get this leather project. I think for a shaving kit, this would need some laminate or oilskin fabric inside and I'm just not prepared to go down that road until there is an industrial in my life.  I just can't swear around my son like that anymore, it's not motherly.

I think this pouch might be perfect to throw my hair straightener in when I travel. OOOOH, I might even put my undies it in! Oooh. I don't know what I am using it for, actually. What would you use it for?

This little stop is day two in our little Stitch Swap. Please visit the other participants, read about the lovely projects and leave comments. Thank you to Stephanie, from Swoodson Says, for organizing the whole swap.

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  1. Killer!!! You totally rocked the leather :) Great job! Cindy

  2. I love it! it looks great! with the little bling on the outside and the fun print on the inside it is plenty feminine and so classy!

  3. It looks amazing. As always the hardware adds such a professional finish to it. Sorry to hear about all the broken needles there is nothing worse then not getting it to sew and having to swear. I'm sure many a child has heard their Mom swear when we sew. :0 You know your Birthday and Christmas are coming, an industrial walking foot machine would be a perfect gift. I could put a bug in someone's ear. lol

  4. Looks great! Leather, the lining, the bling!!! Great results! I gave myself the gift of a Juki and I don't regret it at all. I just don't want to do anything else but sew.

  5. Ohh that looks awesome! i was looking at cylinder walking foot machines a whle back, but I'm really not sewing enough to make it worth for myself.. but I think you definetly have a case for one!

  6. Oh. My. Gosh. This bag is perfection! Absolute perfection. Well done!

  7. Those handmade labels rock! Great looking pouch

  8. love the pouch! The zipper pull complements the liner too!

  9. wow is stunning I love that zipper pull and the Handmade tag. But the bag is wow

  10. Unbelievable. Do you sell any of your finished products, or just the patterns? I can't believe you sewed this. It looks too good to be real.
    Jenn | http://moresewforyou.com

  11. I have found you through Rosy, and I love your blog.
    Following and adding you to my blogroll this second.
    I do hope we become excellent blogger friends

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