New Sewing Pattern: The Quarter Note Clutch & Large Purse Lock

9/09/2013 04:56:00 PM

Exciting day!  I get to share a new sewing pattern with you, and this one is great because it only takes 2 fat quarters to make up, so it's a perfect stash buster. Two fat quarters... hmm... I guess you know where the name "The Quarter Note Clutch" came from now.  I chose that because it sounds so much better than "Quarter Horse Clutch", hee hee.

I designed this pattern after I got some nice fat, shiny purse locks in my shop. These are lovely big babies, and they would be best on a nice chunky bag - BUT - I wanted to give you a nice pattern with them, with a quick project that gives instant reward!  Plus, I always need a clutch and I tend to design bags for what I'm needing for myself at a particular time.

You can buy the the pattern  HERE.

A bit about the clutch:
The Quarter Note Clutch is a surprisingly fast little bag to make up, with a very classy reward. The large flip lock lends some serious style!  (Can be made up with your choice of lock, small turn lock or even a button.)

This pattern would be perfect for bridal clutches, evening bags or a quick to make gift! Use 2 fat quarters of quilting cotton or try it with heavy satin, jacquard, linen, or your choice of fabric (note that not all of these fabrics will do well with fusible interfacing so adjust your interfacing as needed). Includes instructions for one internal slip pocket, perfect for your phone.  NOTE: A sewing machine with a free arm is recommended for this project.


·       1 Fat Quarter - (18” x  22” or 46 x 56 cm) Exterior fabric (quilting cotton) NOTE: If you are using a directional fabric, you will need ½ yard (0.5 m).
·       1 Fat Quarter - (18” x  22” or 46 x 56 cm) Lining fabric (quilting cotton) (You may need extra for  directional fabrics.)
·       13 x 18” - ByAnnie’s Soft and Stabletm  (this foam can be found at most quilting shops, can be ordered online at ByAnne’s, or can be substituted with fusible Pellon Thermolam a needled fusible fleece - your clutch won’t be as thick but will still look awesome!)
·       1 yd/0.5 m - 20” wide Fusible woven Med weight interfacing for Exterior & Lining (Such as Pellon #101 Shapeflex or heavier)
·       1 Large Emmaline Flip Lock, or Emmaline Twist lock
·       Beacon 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue, Crystal Clear, Fast drying, instant grab or similar glue.
·       Mini Cross/Phillips head screw driver
·       Optional – Leather punch 1/8” (3 mm)
·       Water-soluble Erasable Marking Pen, or Chalk Pencil (Pilot Frixion Pens are great!)
·       Rotary Cutting Tool, Mat, and Large Ruler
·       Fraystop or Fraycheck, fray stopping liquid
·       Thread to match all fabrics
·       Seam ripper or sharp pointed scissors
·       A Presser foot with clear 1/8” (3 mm) and ¼” (6 mm) markings is handy!

This pattern is suitable for an intermediate to advanced sewer. The patterns pieces are full size, and include seam allowances.  Pattern instructions are provided in both imperial and metric measurements.

The finished size is approximately:  Length: 10.5” (27 cm) across top, and Height: 5.5” (14 cm)

Thank you so much for reading! 
I hope you share all of your finished bags in my Flickr Group!!

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  1. Such gorgeousness!! Congrats on your new release :) Cindy

  2. Beautiful bag! Do you know the name of the Dogwood bloom fabric? I'd love to get some. Plus, what does the inside of that bag look like. I see a little peek of the lining and I'm intrigued!

    1. It's Joel Dewberry, Avery2. I'll have to put a picture up of the lining!


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