New Purse Hardware Release:: Bling up your bag with Metal Bag Labels and Zipper Pulls!!

9/12/2013 11:32:00 AM

I am so very excited to share these with you!

I have always thought my bags were missing that little something extra. They didn't have that focal point, that professionalism, that oomph! So, I set about to design something that will give my bags (and yours) just that. I've made up something we can all use, either on the front/back, or exterior/interior of our bags, totes, purses, clutches, or even wallets. Get that designer bag look on a bag custom made for yourself with my metal bag labels & matching zipper pulls.

The Boyd St. Bowling Bag with Metal Label

Source: Carry Hers By Natalie

These are finished in shiny nickel, they are nice and thick and of superb quality. The word "handmade" is engraved, and not filled with black, because I don't consider that to be the main focus here. The main focus is still YOUR gorgeous bag, with a shiny focal point that just completes it and gives it that luxurious look while bragging, with subtlety, that you made it yourself. OH, and with a matching zipper pull... baboom!!

These are my trial versions or 'first runs' of these products and I've got a few more designs and finishes that I'd like to try out soon if they sell well.  It's a long process designing and ordering and waiting, and waiting so I need to make sure these are going to be a hit before I go any further. What if it's just me that thinks they are cool, cool, cool?!  It's can't be just me ;)  Let me know what kind of finishes you are looking for: antique brass?

The Boyd St. Bowling Bag

The Necessary Clutch Wallet with Metal Label and Zipper Pull

Read all of the details, get prices and order your metal bag labels and zipper pulls HERE!

How to attach the metal labels:
Use in the lining or on exterior of your bag, on the back or front of your clutch, wallet or purse. These attach with two metal prongs & a washer. Simply mark holes in washer & cut holes with a seam ripper.(Smaller holes are better than too large.) Use FrayStop on holes. Place label onto interfaced fabric exterior or lining, and fold the prongs over the back washer. (Placing fleece or felt over prongs first, and then placing the washer, is recommended so that you get a tight fit.  Glue on the back of the label is optional, but a great idea.)

How To attach the zipper pulls:  Simply clip onto existing zipper tab or clip off tab with cutting pliers or metal snips and hook right onto the zipper slider.  (Make sure the included hook will fit in your slider hole before clipping off your existing tab. Adding a jump ring is optional.)

Thank you so much for reading, I would love to hear some feedback from you so please leave a comment.

The Quarter Note Clutch with Large Flip Lock and Metal Bag Label


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  1. I love them. Great idea. I will get some with my next order.

  2. Love the handmade zipper pulls!! I'd love to see them in bronze, the silver looks great too!

  3. These are great!!!! I just ordered some! I plan to use mine for purse palooza 2013!

  4. Amazing collection. Thanks for informing about your services. These can be great corporate gifts.
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