I've been interviewed by ChrisW and a Special DISCOUNT!

8/07/2013 06:48:00 PM

I'm honoured to be featured over at the ChrisW Designs blog today in the Pattern Designer Interviews series.   Get a 20% Discount at the Emmaline website until the end of August 2013, just by reading the interview. Lucky for you that I didn't babble on for hours and hours like I did with my last interview feature. I do love to talk, oh yes I do, and I am paying you with a discount to listen!

As for what's happening around the blog and shop.... SUMMER, summer in Canada is happening... so not much creative work is happening indoors.  Don't worry it only lasts 2 months and then I will be locked inside again until April!  Thank you for reading, I would love it you stopped over to read the interview.

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  1. Great interview on Chris' site :)

  2. Well your babbling is interesting so that makes it easy to earn the discount! LOLLL Thanks for being a part of the Interview features Janelle! :)


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