Catch Up: Lucky Stars Blocks, a FREE Gift on the WEB, and a Puppy Pic!

8/10/2013 02:05:00 PM

Woohoo!  Finally got some sewing done last weekend.  I finished up the June, July and August foundation paper pieced quilt blocks that I'm doing in the Lucky Stars BOM hosted by Don't Call Me Betsy.  I think this quilt is really starting to come together, but it's getting increasingly hard for me to pick fabrics from my selected stash that have enough contrast between lights and darks.  I'm finding a lot of my fabrics fall into the medium (warm) level when it comes to colour values.

Here are the blocks, I particularly LOVE July, but June and August didn't turn out how I had envisioned.  But.. I don't think they are horrible.  They will go with the rest of the blocks even though I don't think they look good individually.  You can see the rest of the blocks HERE in the flickr set on my photostream.

June Block - Sunlight Star

July Block - Dulcet Star

August Block - Pinwheel Star

"Double Happiness" Zipper charms!  Right now I have a special going on my website where you get a free gift if you purchase over $15.00 worth of bag hardware/purse supplies.  (This does not include sewing pattern purchases and this promotion is only available while supplies last.)  Get yourself a double happiness zipper pull, they are cute!

What else have I been doing?  We have a new puppy named Laney.  She is a mixed collie/lab/terrier (possibly), 6 months old, and we adopted her from the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society that operates here in Alberta. She's a lovely companion for our 8 year old son. We love her, but my flower beds have lovely new holes in them, so that keeps me busy.  When I'm not filling holes, I'm PLANNING the next time I can get some bag making and tutorials done.  Summer is so short here in Canada, so I guess I'm making the most of it too!

Thank you for reading! I would love to hear what you've been up to.

Laney, 6 months old.

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  1. Hi there! Glad to hear you are doing well and keeping busy. We always get our cats from the local pet rescue too :) Hopefully you'll be able to save your pretty flowers!


  2. I love your June block!! Different blocks will definitely appeal to different people I guess. I recently started following your blog after seeing your Steph in the City bag featured somewhere else (can't remember where!) I have sewn and knitting a few bags, but haven't worked on any recently. Your patterns are on my wish list!

  3. What a cute puppy, I am excited to see what you plan on making with that new purse closure you have for sale.

  4. Laney is beautiful....okay so are your blocks, but she stole the show this time. Janelle, what a wonderful thing you did saving her. Very awesome girl!


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