A Comma Quilt Finish - An Asymmetrical Wedding Quilt

7/05/2013 04:54:00 PM

How do you feel about asymmetrical quilts? I have to admit (shamelessly) that I am LOVING this gold and grey, very asymmetrical quilt, I made for a wedding gift. I've been waiting a couple of weeks to show it to you, but now the wedding has been enjoyed and the gift has been given, so bring on the quilt photos.  UPDATE:  Find the instructions to this quilt HERE!!

I'm not sure exactly what to call this quilt.  It's a diamond quilt, it's a very easy HST (half square triangle) quilt, it's a modern quilt made with the Comma fabric collection by Zen Chic for Moda, and most importantly..... it's a wedding quilt for Krystle and Rhys. This quilt is not just from me though, my mom, sister & daughters also all contributed to the fabric and supplies, and it was a gift from all of us to K & R!

Why is it a wedding quilt? To me, even though this quilt is not a wedding ring or double wedding ring quilt, it's still a wedding quilt. I was playing with the grey and gold HST's on my computer prior to any cutting or stitching and a center diamond started forming and repeating and no matter how differently I manipulated the HSTs, they kept getting changed back to this pattern. I always knew I was going to use the golds and greys from this brilliant fabric collection, I just knew. Ideas and thoughts kept fleeting and blinking in my mind about Krystle (the bride) and her family. My family has known theirs for a few generations now. Our family farm was near theirs. Krystle's Aunts used to babysit me when I was little, and my sister and I babysat Krystle and her sisters when we were teenagers, and in turn Krystle and her sisters babysat my daughters. Krystle has very loving parents, a close family and a wonderful circle of friends from her community and beyond. Krystle's ties to family and friends are strong and this quilt just illustrates this for me. How? I will tell you how the best I can, but it's not just visual, but also a feeling I get when I look at it.

To me the bride and groom, along with their immediate families, come together in the smallest gold diamond. Rippling out from the centre is an unbroken circle of gold that represents their closest friends and family.  Out from that, more circles that represent their extended families and friends.  Some of these circles are broken and some are closer than others, such as it is in life. The rings or bonds are still there, just unseen sometimes.

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Another thing I see and feel in this quilt is sunshine and farming. The rows in a wheat field, the gold colour of straw, the yellow sunshine of summer, and the repeating pattern of crops. These are hard working, sun loving, farm people.

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Without all of this inspiration, if it was just fabric stitched together randomly, I would still love this warm quilt for a wedding quilt because it's just the perfect size for a couple to cuddle under on the couch after a long winters day.

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After I saw the yellow and orange wedding invites, I just knew the quilt was going to be perfect. Here is a picture of my table at the wedding. Gorgeous flowers in mason jars, arranged in a wildflower bouquet with class! Burlap, chalkboards, and candles. Best of all, little jars of honey from their family farm with cute little labels.  This is a picture of my clutch (there will be another post about this craft fail/resurrection at a later date).

If you would like to read more about this quilt, the block that inspired it, the fabric requirements, and how to sew HSTs, please watch the blog because I'll be putting that together for you.  UPDATE:  Find the instructions to this quilt HERE!! 

 Before quilting.

The quilting process.

Lovely lines...

The back.

I hope you like it.  I think I'll make another...


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