Rainbow EXPLOSION: My NY Beauty Flying Geese Fabric has arrived.

4/22/2013 02:54:00 PM

I love receiving fabric in the mail as much as the next girl, but I admit - I don't often scream with delight.  But today was a different kind of parcel day...  Holy wow I am still smiling and gushing with delight over my 36 Fat Eights Color Wheel from the fab Etsy shop:  Surly Sheep.

My color wheel from SURLY SHEEP

It's perfect, perfect, perfect and I did indeed SCREAM.  I don't know how I will pull out 4, as I only need 32.  It's going to be tough!

I did mention that I was making the NY Beauty Flying Geese wall hanging ( a GORGEOUS creation by Janice at Better Off Thread) to Brooke at Surly Sheep, and she looked it up on the internet and picked out THEE most perfect fabrics for me.  You see... I don't have a stash... :(
But I do now!!

SOURCE:  Better Off Thread
Now to save up for the background neutrals..... Where can I buy those?
Can't wait to make this wall hanging some day and fill my empty wall niche!  Updated: You can get this paper pieced pattern from Craftsy HERE, for the minimal price of $3.00


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  1. What a beautiful quilt can't wait to see it finished. I love receiving fabric in the mail.

  2. Oh yummy fabric!!! I *love* my UPS man :) That is one gorgeous quilt too! Have fun :)


  3. Isn't Brooke the sweetest, she is one of the easiest shop owners to work with. Check this bundle out, I think it would work great for the background, they go pretty fast, so act quickly if you like it. http://www.etsy.com/listing/112527633/last-chance-low-volume-fat-quarter?ref=shop_home_feat
    Stash Fabrics is another great Etsy shop, she sent me a little gift on my last order.


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