4 Shawl Pattern e-Book Giveaway - CLOSED!

3/12/2013 10:39:00 AM

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a knitted shawl e-book with you today, and I get to offer a contest for 2 of you to win the 4 pattern e-book!

These gorgeous, delicate, shawls have such a light, feminine vintage feel to them, you can't help but feel warm and luxurious just looking at the photography.  I love the way that Rose's designs bring history and the art of fiber working back to us.  It seems like Rose's designs come to us from some splendid cache of treasured patterns that have been hidden away in the lady's sitting room of Mansfield Park or some similar majestic residence, where the women of the house sat in very fine dresses, sipping tea while knitting their heart and soul in to their very best work.  In the afternoons, the ladies would stroll around the gardens, on the arms of very dashing men, with these beautiful, delicate, shawls around their shoulders....  I could go on?  (Sorry, I have read a lot of Jane Austen.)

Falling Cherries, by RosyPosy Designs

Back to the business at hand,  I am here to introduce Rose Beck's, from rose.is.a.rose, new collection called "New Lines".   (To view the collection, you can log in for free at Ravelry.)   I will share Rose's description to you, as mine is not truly accurate to her inspiration.  In her words:
"The art movement known as Art Nouveau began in the late 1800s and lasted until the First World War. Its lasting influence spread to all manner of decorative objects, from posters and book covers to furniture and architecture. Artists of Art Nouveau were inspired by flowing lines as well as themes from nature; flowers, trees, and insects were common motifs. These artists sought to bring beauty to ordinary objects, to make artistic expression part of everyday life and not limited to the more traditional forms of art such as painting and sculpture. Table lamps, chair backs, jewelry, staircase railings, clocks, cutlery—all became a means to express the New Art.This collection of knitted shawls is inspired by the organic beauty, the new lines of Art Nouveau. When finished, I hope each shawl adds its own delicate art to the wearer.   Happy knitting, Rose"
The Sinuous Line, by RosyPosy Designs

Peacock's Tail by RosyPosy Designs

Also, Rose is not just about knitting, she also has had some purse tutorials published in Interweave magazine, and is in the process of publishing a PDF bag pattern that is top notch!  (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share that secret info or not, I am pattern testing it... shhh!)  You can find all this on her blog.

Curving Lilies by RosyPosy Designs

These shawls are DIVINE, and I love that women today appreciate this work and wear their handmade items with pride. I know I need one of these for Spring, one for cool summer strolls, one for chilly fall nights, and one snuggled under my coat in the Winter. Thank you, Rose!

Enter Now, the contest ends Tuesday March 19, Midnight, MST:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please enter and share the giveaway,  and good luck!!

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  1. I like the Into the Woods Scarf

  2. My favorite shawl is The Sinuous Line : )

  3. Love peacocks tail! And have the perfect yarn for it

  4. Love them all but I think the peacock's tail is my favorite or is it the curved lillies...awesome designs!

  5. I love the Into the Woods pattern!

  6. These are so lovely, but I think Falling Cherries is my favorite, with the Curved Lilies a close second!

  7. I'm not entering the contest, I have no idea how to knit, I just wanted to say that Peacock's Tail is so very pretty!

  8. They look lovely, I would love to win!

  9. They look wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I love the cherries shawl. I hope it's not too hard for me to do....love the color, too!

  11. Love those patterns!!! Thank you very much!!!

  12. My favourite pattern is the Curved Lillie's.

  13. They all look beautiful. I like the first one on the cover with the pleated ruffle look.

  14. I like the Simply Pretty Shawls and Into the Woods Scarf.

  15. Peacock's Tail is my favourite.

  16. Love the Strands of Pearls Shawlette!

  17. REALLY nice work! I love your hair cut/style, too!

  18. Awesome patterns. I would LOVE the opportunity to win.


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