W.I.P. Wednesday: Legos, Sewing, Knitting and a Handbag Pattern

1/16/2013 01:22:00 PM

It's been a busy few days of WAITING for my fabric orders to arrive so I can get my handbag patterns, January Block of the Month(s), and other little mini projects started. I'm glad to be finally at it though, most of my fabric arrived in the mail this week. Yay!

What I'm working on:
I filled some time waiting with Lego, after seeing the cute sewing machine Carrie from Such Designs did, I just had to make a mini Pfaff so after asking my son if I could borrow some legos, I made this little cutie. My son was so thrilled, and loved our little lego session so much, that I have to think of other little projects to make so we can have some more of that lego bonding time.

My Lego Pfaff

My January block for the Lucky Stars BOM hosted by Elizabeth at Don't Call Me Betsy (cute button links to this on my right side bar) was just finished this morning, so I can officially call this quilt a WIP. This star is called the Funky Star and I used some of my precious Saltwater fabrics from Tula Pink, some Flea Market Fancy and a few random reds. I'm loving January, but not sure what fabrics to choose for Feb yet...

January Lucky Star Block
This is the fabric I've chosen for my other BOM, and I hope to actually put the two January blocks together today - after I finish my vacuuming.  And maybe the mopping.  It's all Lark fabric, by Amy Butler and I'm going to put it together with a white background for the Sister's Ten BOM by Gen X Quilters.

Knitting!  It's been a while since I've done any knitting, but my daughter wanted to knit together and wanted me to show her a how... Yay!  I bought some beautiful Italian wool at our local wool store and started working on a scarf and hat set for myself.  I am finding upon returning to Canada, I have not nearly enough scarves and hats, so this is a perfect knitting project for me - nice and small.  We had our little knitting session, but was a little impressed/disappointed that I couldn't help her knit much because she had already be taught by youtube!  She's using circular needles for the first time and didn't know how to do that, so I was able to show her that at least.  I like to spin in circles....

Hmm... the colour is brighter in person.  Must take better photos!

Handbag Patterns!  I have three on the go, but you'll have to wait for the sneak peak photos - I am not ready, but I'm focusing on one with piped handles, detachable strap, and cute little bag feet first and I'm thrilled with how it's turning out.  Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading.  Remember to take time to play with Legos, so fun!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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  1. Oooo, your teasing with the new bag patterns. Can't wait to see them.

  2. Busy girl!!! Love the yarn you're knitting with. That's the one 'craft' I cannot seem to get the hang of. I always mess up the tension of the stitches and everything ends up looking funky LOL :)


  3. Hi Janelle

    All agog to see the 3 handbag patterns! I love to knit and crochet - unfortunately I can't keep the number of stitches the same from one row to the next! I guess I'll stick to sewing and embroidery.



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