A Useful Lego Sewing Machine!

1/26/2013 10:46:00 AM

As some of you know I made a Lego sewing machine last week, you can read the post and see where I go the idea from HERE.

Since then, it's just been getting shuffled around on my sewing table from here to there and back to here again.  It's been lost in scraps and found again, dusted and repositioned.  Still admired, but not very useful.  I like useful things.

While I'm sewing my handbags, I am often switching presser feet from one to another, mostly back and forth between my 1/4" foot, 1 cm foot, and my zipper foot.   I just chuck these to the side and then can't find them again when I need them (creativity is messy business).  I tried putting them away every time, but that's just not working for me.  I need to switch often; I need them handy!  I was just thinking that I needed a little tray for them, and it occurred to make my sewing machine useful!!!

Complete with a thread guide, bobbin winder and turning wheel!

Jace kept putting bits of fabric in my machine and was pretending to sew, so I carried on with the idea and added a bit of stitched fabric and the thread leads up to the spool.  There is a thread guide and the wheel on the right really turns.   I can't thread the needle, but oh well, I will tie it on there somehow.  Jace was pretty impressed with Mom's creation too, and now he plays with it when he comes in to check on my project progress.  We both love our toys.

Always play!

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  1. That is adorable, my grandson would love this, he loves sewing and legos.

  2. Pretty cool!! Way to get Jace interested in sewing early!!

  3. I know what you mean about losing things every time you put them down. Stitch unpicker, replacement feet, bobbins...you name it....I lose it! Love what you've done with your Lego sewing machine. I think it's developing a fan base of its own.

  4. How fun is this! Too cute. And Lego has a needle and presser feet pieces!? awesome.

    1. I am loving it too, thank you! Actually the presser foot is a hammer, a hand tool for a Lego construction worker. It is set in upside down!

  5. Janelle, you are just too clever! This is so darned cute. I love it. Awesome job girl. Lego never gets boring.


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