The Gabby Bag Sewing Pattern - Publicly Released!

7/14/2016 11:57:00 AM

Introducing The Gabby Bag: A shoulder bag that goes together in a fast and unique way, and will be a very fun sew. You can add both exterior and interior zipper pockets, as well as a double slip pocket in the lining. She's had a ton of great reviews with the Bag of the Month Club. Gabby was the April 2016 pattern, but now that the subscription time is over, it is available to everyone.
Find it in our sewing patterns section. 

Now for a few more pictures of my latest Gabby.
If you would like to see the testers photos, go to this post.
The back side of the Gabby, with exterior zipper pocket. 

The lining with an interior zipper pocket and double slip pocket.
The Gabby Bag pattern PDF version was publicly released on our website July 1st, but the poor girl didn't get much of an intro because I was on holidays at the time.

We were making our way to BC from Alberta and I actually made it go live on the website whilst sitting in our travel trailer, that was in the bottom of a large vehicle ferry, that was traveling across the Georgia Straight to Vancouver Island. Janelle's in the trailer, in the belly of the boat, on the sea… I felt a bit like Pinocchio, but my nose is just naturally pointy, I told no lies or had any special surgery to get it as long and pointy as it is!

You only need 2 strap rings for the Gabby Bag, and I have used 2 of our 1-1/4" Oval Rings. They work wonderfully with the strap width, but we do have other rings for you to choose from on our website at 

We have a hardware kit put together for Gabby too… You can find it HERE. 

I hope you like the Gabby pattern. If you are on Instagram, you can tag all of your Gabby photos with #emmalinepatterns or #gabbybag.  Can't wait to see all of your Gabby Bags!! 


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  1. That's a cool release story-who knows what's happening in the belly of those amazing ferry boats. You had a great internet signal! :) Three years ago, I took a backpack I had finished testing and photographed it on the deck of one of those ferries (on the way to Vancouver from Nanaimo). (Just to show I had been there, lol...) Lots of bag happenings in the Georgia Straight! :)


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