New Website Launch Contest and New Pattern Release! (CONTEST CLOSED)

6/30/2015 10:17:00 PM

First of all…
Happy Canada Day!!!

All of the fireworks are not just for Canada Day today, but also for 2 other amazing events happening today!

What's to celebrate?
1) My Manhattan Bag pattern's public release.
2) A New Website Launch Contest… and Grand Opening of sorts for the "new"

New Pattern Release!

Let's get into the Manhattan Bag pattern first.  The Manhattan Bag has been an exclusive pattern in the Bag of the Month Club since April, 2015, but will now be available to the public as of July 1st.

It has been so well received and I've seen so many, many gorgeous bags made from this pattern so far. The pattern instructions include directions for 2 sizes, plus a removable eyeglass case.

You can read all about the pattern and it's features on a blog post HERE and find it in either a PDF  (July 1st) or Paper version (after July 10th) on my website HERE.

I have also released a FREE tutorial to make a cute and handy zippered case that will fit in the bag flap of the Mamma size. You can find that tutorial HERE.

Please share all of your Manhattan Bag pictures in the Emmaline Sewing Patterns Group on Facebook, or hashtag them with #ebmanhattanbag & #ebmanhattancase on Instagram!!

New Website Launch Contest for the 

As many of you know from either visiting the shop or me announcing on Facebook, I have launched a new website (at the same address) at  It was time to get some new features that will make your shopping experience much more enjoyable.

New Features:

  • The filters make it easy to sort so you can find your product type, finish & size quick and easy. 
  • You can now create accounts so that you will be able to check out faster without adding shipping information. (There were no accounts on the old website.)
  • Your previous purchases are saved in your account, so that you can access your previous downloads and orders. 
  • You can choose one of several currencies so that you can view prices in your own currency.

  • You can link up your Instagram pictures and share your photos on the bottom of selected products. 
  • You can download your PDF patterns straight to your Dropbox!

Wish list:

  • I hope to soon improve the product images so that when you click on them, they will enlarge. 
  • Wholesaler information and accounts will be added for small businesses and brick and mortar quilt shops. 

What is the Contest About?

In celebration of my awesome new website (at least I think it is), and the completion of all of the hours and hours I have put in entering all of the products, picture, item#'s, weights and rates - I am holding a wee contest!

There are 2 ways to win. 

First Way to Win:
Win one of 20 prizes of $10.00 store credit to simply by leaving product reviews. For each product review you give, you get 1 entry. Visit the website and find the products you have previously purchased and leave your review and star rating!   I have a log of all reviews since review #1 and I will use to draw 20 winners at end of day on July 15th, 2015.  Do as many reviews as you can, but only to the products you have actually purchased.  (5 stars not necessary, I want your honest feedback!)

Second Way to Win:
Win 1 gift certificate valued at $50.00 CAD from a fabric store of your choice (I must be able to purchase this gift cert for you online) in your own country (1 winner).  To enter, complete the easy tasks in the Rafflecopter widget below by July 15, 2015.  HINT:  One of them is a bit of a scavenger hunt!

Contest will open shortly after midnight June 30th or 12:01 am July 1st (Mountain Standard Time)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Congratulations on your new website launch! And the Manhattan Bag pattern release. I'm making a Miss size one for my niece next week :)

  2. Janelle, on your lovely new Manhattan Bag photo, you show a gray fabric on the small bag that almost looks like wool. Is it wool or cotton?
    Thanks! Can't wait to make it!

  3. I am excited about your new website, love the look and functionality of it!

  4. Great new Website. Love your bag patterns and the new addition.

  5. Love your new website, easy to navigate lots of info, really like the new Dropbox availability upon check out cause it means tomorrow when I go shopping for fabric to make my Manhattan Bag I can check my pattern on my phone to see my fabric/stabilizer needs

  6. The new website is lovely Janelle. Got my pattern & now debating with myself if I might get one done before the school holidays start...probably not, but will be on my list for September ;D

  7. Loved browsing on your new website. The pictures of everything look very neat. I feel I'm walking thru a new house! Congratulations!

  8. Fiona ( 2, 2015 at 11:34 PM

    I have the NCW pattern which everyone loves, and I keep accidentally making myself new ones too, and taking my times produces a neater purse thank you Janelle for this lovely pattern

  9. I for the life of me, can not find the secret picture :) feeling really stupid here, I think I've looked at every photo :) LOL!

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  12. Love the new website. So easy to navigate and find what I need.

  13. Love the new website. So easy to navigate and find what I need.

  14. Configurability come allot of complexity that can slow down performance so I think more so than any sort to specific best practices when it comes to performance are going toward general principle though and what we've talked by here which modules are actually going to cause the biggest issues on different parts of your site how Marcia we're going to scale digital community just grows and innovates.

  15. I really love the new design of those Manhattan bags! Having two sizes namely "Mamma" and "Miss" are really catchy, and I’m sure many of your customers will bite that strategy. The removable cases for sunglasses are also good catch! Thanks for the update, Janelle! Congrats and have a great day!

    Jaime Holland @ New Leaf Web Media

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  17. The new bag patterns are cool. Innovative and original patterns are great because they stay in style forever and ever. One of the biggest problems with generic-looking bags is they just stop having a modern look. Custom styles aren't locked down to a "timely trend". Even after ten years, they still maintain an awesome look and can be taken anywhere.

    Gilberto Ingram @ Enhance Traffic Marketing

  18. Love these designs, and I would love to try out these tutorial patterns myself. It's a great way to make something unique, or even to make them as personalised gifts for friends and family. What a great way to get creative and make something that is both beautiful and useful.

    Brenda @ Firs Marketing

  19. I really love the Manhattan bag, the zip up flap is really clever - very tempted to try my skills on it, such as they are! It certainly seems like things are going really well for you just now, what with the new website as well. Good luck with it all- you've worked hard for it, now enjoy it.

    Lavonne @ Optimal RoI


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