Melted Icecream Cupcakes - Nailed it! Fail...

9/07/2012 11:41:00 AM

Well... you work with what you have when you are on birthday party time restraints. These ice-cream cone cupcakes do NOT look like the pretty ones I found on Pinterest, but the boys at my son's birthday didn't care and the birthday boy LOVED them, so that is all that matters!!

What mine looked like:

What they are supposed to look like:

What they are SUPPOSED to look like!!!
Apparently, you are not supposed to over-fill the ice-cream cones with cake batter, you only need to fill them about half-way.

Also, having a mixer would have helped make the batter rise a bit.  (I had already sold ours at our pre-move garage sale...)

They were supposed to have white icing to look like ice-cream, I decided to go with an "accidently on purpose" melted ice-cream cone, so pulled off the big globs of batter, left a few that looked like drips and I piped with chocolate.  Genius or.... hilarious!?   Well, I laughed!

Then I had to figure out to get them to the party with no trays to set them in (also sold at previous garage sale).  I got really smart and put them in my broiler pan that goes in the oven with some plastic wrap over top.  The first corner I took on my way to the party location, a gorgeous park near by, converted rows of orderly cones into what looked like a chocolate porcupine!  What a mess, chocolate everywhere!  Luckily, I brought a knife to the party and my husband pulled them all apart and re-spread the icing.  I have learned of some neat tricks since:  You can cut holes in the bottom of an inverted aluminum disposable roasting pan or a cereal box to put them in, or you can but a tray especially for ice cream cone cupcakes (which I haven't found yet).

What a mess, but they tasted good!

If you have any other tips or cone stories - I'd love to hear them!!!
Would I do them again?  Yes!  They were a hit and very yummy, but I think I should stick to sewing...

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  1. How funny! Well I had a total craft fail yesterday that looked just awful. At least yours looks cute enough to eat!! Glad your boy loved them and glad you made it safe and sound! How's it going?

  2. I love em still and I would have eaten my fill of em if I was there....and the dripping effect is somewhat genius...LOL...glad to see you folks settled in and a belated Happy Birthday to the boy...and you helped me out because if I make them I now know how to fill em! :D

    1. yes, learn from my mistakes!! There are lots of good instructions on Pinterest too - I just seem to try things my own way somethings. I really should stick to sewing, baking is so stressing for me!! jx

  3. I like you're melted cupcakes! Those others from pinterest are just too perfect ;-)

  4. LOVE your cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Er, Ice cream cones!!!!! Great memories were made, though! Lisa

  5. I love thsi! I just shared it on the MFF Facebook page. No worries! I had the same experience with cake pops-I'll never make them again! Not as cute as the ones I saw on Pinterest and thought I could make!

  6. I'm betting that it didn't matter one little bit to the kids eating them! You're cupcakes look fantastic and it's always the thought that counts. Plus, your mad sewing skills greatly outweigh any baking deficiencies you may possess. ;-)

    1. Oh thank you! You are too kind... time to start sewing again soon. I've had too long of a break, but will be in our new house soon. Janelle

  7. Janelle- those are "real" cones!! In fact, 2 of my boys had cones last night that looked exactly like that LOL!! What is most important here is that they are sweet, tasty and will be consumed in seconds!


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