Three More Days to Enter - A Handbag Giveaway!

3/30/2012 05:38:00 PM

There are a few more days left to get your name in to enter my "Floral Couture" Phoebe bag!  I'll be drawing for it on April 4th in Australia, which is April 3rd just about everywhere else.  OH MY GOODNESS!  My sister's birthday is on the 2nd and I didn't send her anything!  What a thing to realize in the middle of a blog post.  Uh oh.

Go to my post to enter here: Emmaline Bags & Patterns: Handbag Giveaway and Liebster Blog Award! and I will try and figure out how I'm going to get a card to my sister in Canada in 2 days when it typically takes 10 - 14 days to get there.... it's not going to happen is it?  Rhetorical question. ;)  DOH!

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  1. Maybe resort to a lovely eCard in the meantime or is there a personalised card delivery service in Canada? We have moonpig in the uk. Good luck!

    1. Thank you Sara! You have actually helped me think of something! Janelle

  2. I remembered the 2nd was her birthday! Love the bag! Send a card - better late than never! Lisa

  3. one last the bag!

  4. have you tried one of those online florists? OR order some flowers with a florist over there? I used to do that to friends here in Australia when I was living in London.


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